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Found 7: What if Dia doesn’t want to go home?

Found 7: What if Dia doesn’t want to go home? published on No Comments on Found 7: What if Dia doesn’t want to go home?

I mean, it’s a fair question, right?

Join me on Tuesdays and Thursdays on Twitch while I work on Follower pages! More information on my Twitch channel!

If you enjoy Follower, please consider chipping in a buck or two to help keep the comic going! We have support options on both Patreon and Gumroad with multiple reward options.

Streaming schedule 2/15-20!

Streaming schedule 2/15-20! published on No Comments on Streaming schedule 2/15-20!

I’ll be streaming comic work on Tuesday, 2/16 and Thursday, 2/18 at 3 pm eastern time this week on Twitch! Anyone can stop in and hang out while I get some pages done. You can even become a Pokemon in the chat!

Completely unrelated to comics, I’m also playing my way through Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis on Monday/Wednesday/Friday nights at 7 pm eastern time! Come join me for a wild DOS adventure!

All stream times will be posted on my Twitch page here:

Give me a follow to get notified when I’m live! It also helps support my comics when you watch any of my streams. I’m trying to gain enough average views/streaming hour to make it into Twitch’s affiliate program. If I can manage that, it’ll earn me a few more bucks to keep the comic-making machine up and running. I could definitely use your support!

Comic page streams! Help me get more viewers!

Comic page streams! Help me get more viewers! published on No Comments on Comic page streams! Help me get more viewers!

Hey there! I’ve started streaming comic art more regularly. I find it’s a good way to keep myself planted at my computer and get more work done. So I thought it would be a good idea to try for Twitch Affiliate and possibly try to get paid a little bit for work I’m technically already doing. So far I meet 3 of the 4 necessary requirements to become a Twitch Affiliate – I’ve got the right number of followers, hours streamed, and days – but I don’t have enough average viewers compared to the number of hours I’ve streamed. I need a minimum of 3, and I haven’t quite made it.

If you’re interested in seeing sneak peeks at new Follower pages, you can hop into one of my streams and check out what I’m working on. I’m also around for questions and general chat. If you’re there watching, it’ll help my viewer count! It doesn’t cost you anything other than having a Twitch account, and possibly spending time watching, and it’ll potentially help support the comic in a long-term way.

I stream regularly a few days a week, with streams at other hours on off-days. There’s a widget here on the Follower site that will notify you if I’m currently live!

Follow me on Twitch here!

Thanks for reading, and thanks for your help!

Support Follower! & Streaming Info!

Support Follower! & Streaming Info! published on No Comments on Support Follower! & Streaming Info!

Hey there! This week’s page is going to be a couple of days late – it’s been a week – but it’s nearly done. I also have a couple of small updates to include!

I’ve added Gumroad as a support option if you’d like to help keep Follower running! The content is essentially the same as what you’ll get on Patreon, just in a new place for those who prefer other platforms. Check it out on Gumroad for more information.

On both Patreon and Gumroad, I’ve added a new $5 tier: Books ’n Stuff! When you pledge to this tier, you’ll get access to digital copies of the Follower comics we’ve put out so far, and you’ll get access to the new ones as they’re released! Is this a ridiculous discount? It sure is! And you can get in on it anytime, along with access to a backlog of our other material!

The last update: streaming! I’ve been streaming on and off since last year, mostly reserving actual comic work for patron-only streams. I recently polled our supporters, and came to the conclusion that folks don’t mind I I take comic work to public streams, too! So now I’ll be working on upcoming comic pages during regular Twitch streams. I’m working on some new ideas for Patreon/Gumroad exclusive streams, but I’ll post more when I have a more complete plan. I’ve also created a little “vtuber” avatar to hang out and talk while I work. You can pop in and ask questions or just chat! I’d be glad for the company. Check out my Twitch for schedule stuff and subscribe while you’re there!

Thanks for reading! Look forward to the new page in the next couple of days!

Drawing live now! Click to view!