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April News Roundup!

April News Roundup! published on No Comments on April News Roundup!

It’s about time for another batch of small updates, since there are a bunch of little Follower-related things going on! Or have gone on. You know what I mean. Time for a bulleted list!

  • Read our Post-PIX Con report on Radiochio! It’s shaping up to be a light convention year for us, but we’ll be sure to make up for it with comics.
  • Create-a-Chio commissions are still open, and will be for at least another week or so. Don’t miss the opportunity to leave a permanent mark on the Follower-verse! (I’m open for other types of commissions, too!)
  • We’ve re-opened our shop and moved to Tictail! We have printed comics, buttons, art prints, and other stuff. More new stuff is coming soon, too! (You can sign up for our newsletter to be notified when new stuff hits the store.)
  • Follower is now updating (with back updates) on LINE Webtoons! You can now read on LINE, Tapas, or Comic Chameleon. Reading on these apps also helps support the comic through a tiny bit of ad revenue!
  • Last but not least, I’ve started adding new vote incentives to Topwebcomics again! Vote for Follower to help promote the comic to new readers.

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