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Chapter Five: Displacement

Chapter Five: Displacement

Chapter Five: Displacement published on No Comments on Chapter Five: Displacement

Starts Wednesday! Delade and I have been hard at work finishing the script and getting the first few pages ready to go. If you enjoy and want to help support Follower, please contribute to our Patreon!

Break week & other updates!

Break week & other updates! published on No Comments on Break week & other updates!

Don’t forget, there’s no Follower this week! But there will be next week!

In the meantime, you can join us on our Imzy group for a more forum-like experience, or on Telegram!

You can also subscribe to us on Patreon, and for as little as $1 a month you’ll get access to behind-the-scenes development materials and early pages. You’ll also help guarantee the continued production of the comic! Currently, patrons can check out some of my planning work for the next chapter!

We may be opening up spots soon for a create-your-own Chio sponsorship for this next chapter, so if you’ve ever been interested in creating a custom Chio/Vloxen character that will actually appear in the comic, keep an eye out here! Once we sort out the details, an information post will be going up.

Thanks for your continued readership, and we’ll be back with new stuff next Wednesday!


Loyalties 40: Oh no…

Loyalties 40: Oh no… published on 6 Comments on Loyalties 40: Oh no…

So concludes chapter four! Considerably later than I intended to post thanks to power outages, a blizzard, and assorted real-life nonsense. Follower will be taking a short break until March 29. If you’re feeling creative and would like to contribute some guest art, comics, fiction, or anything else to help us fill in during the break, check out this news post for more info!