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Displacement 13: Zip away

Displacement 13: Zip away published on No Comments on Displacement 13: Zip away

They’re getting away! Wake up, Dia! Vote for Follower on TWC! Or, join us in the new Messenger/Follower Discord!


Displacement 12: Wave goodbye

Displacement 12: Wave goodbye published on 7 Comments on Displacement 12: Wave goodbye

Well, that didn’t go as planned. Join us on the new Messenger/Follower Discord! Vote for Follower for a peek at next week’s page!


Displacement 11: Dia jumps

Displacement 11: Dia jumps published on 3 Comments on Displacement 11: Dia jumps

Dia takes a leap of faith. Vote for Follower to help us find new readers! We also have a new Discord you can hang out in! Join us!