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Displacement 23: We won’t survive.

Displacement 23: We won’t survive. published on No Comments on Displacement 23: We won’t survive.

Bash takes a hard look at the options. Speaking of survival, we’ve added a number of new subscription membership options if you’d like to get rewards like early comic pages, new monthly wallpapers, and custom art! Check out our new support page to find out more.

Announcing: The Chio Club!

Announcing: The Chio Club! published on No Comments on Announcing: The Chio Club!

In case you missed it – I announced a few days ago that we’re now using Flattr – a new way for creators like us to get support for their work. You can find out more about that here!

In addition to adding Flattr support to our comics, we’re also pleased to announce something new – The Chio Club!

The Chio Club is a new way to support Messenger, Follower, and our other creative projects through a monthly subscription membership. You’ll get early access to comics and other works in progress, discounted commissions, and membership to our private supporters-only Discord group. You can pick and choose what kinds of rewards you’d like and “pledge” the amount of your choice in monthly or yearly increments.

Yes, this news does come on the heels of Patreon’s new fee changes. We polled our existing patron base and got mixed feedback – some people didn’t mind the change, and some were ready to move on from Patreon – so rather than make a drastic change all at once we’ve decided to simply offer more ways to support us, so you can still get access to the same rewards at the same price, just using a different method.

The Chio Club is still a bit of a work in progress, and we are planning to offer more rewards in time, so keep an eye on our shiny new Support page or subscribe to our newsletter to keep up with the latest!


Support published on

We’re able to make comics that are free for everyone to read online thanks to the generous support of our readers. If you enjoy what we make and want to see more of it, consider signing up for one of our recurring monthly subscriptions or leaving a one-time tip. These small contributions add up and afford us the ability to buy necessary supplies and tools, travel to conventions to spread the word about our work, and put the time in to actually make creative work.

Each type of support has associated rewards as a thank you for helping us continue to do what we do!

Subscriptions – Join the Chio Club!

  • Subscribe monthly or annually.
  • A la carte content – pick and choose what you like!
  • Access to subscriber newsletter and Discord channel!
  • Enjoy a back catalog of previously uploaded content with your membership!
  • Pay the minimum, or more if our content is worth more to you!
  • Starts at $1/month.
  • More options coming soon…

Chio Club Commissions

Monthly Comic Previews Subscription
On Gumroad

Monthly Wallpaper Subscription
On Gumroad

One-time Contributions

Drop something in our digital tip jar and receive a thank you Chio doodle!
Square Cash

Art Commissions
Varying types of commissions are available from Bug via Limited numbers of specially priced “patron” slots are available each month.

Other Ways to Support Us

Flattr is a new way for creators like us to get support for their work, from the people who enjoy our content the most. When you install the Flattr plugin, payment is automatically debited from your Flattr account to ours when you browse our comics. Easy! Find out more here.