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Displacement 18: In the distance

Displacement 18: In the distance published on 2 Comments on Displacement 18: In the distance

Things keep exploding.

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Displacement 17: Elsewhere…

Displacement 17: Elsewhere… published on 1 Comment on Displacement 17: Elsewhere…

Now that’s what I call an undo button. Enjoy Follower? Support us on Patreon for as little as $1 each month and gain access to early comics, behind the scenes, and more! You can also contribute a one-time donation through Ko-Fi. Our web hosting bill is due this month, so any and all support is especially appreciated.

Summer Schedule Madness

Summer Schedule Madness published on No Comments on Summer Schedule Madness

It’s been sort of an unpredictable summer for us so far, so I thought it would be time for a minor schedule update. Follower is postponed-ish for this week, as I’m currently going between some extra freelance work and a bunch of comics-related, but not Follower comics-related projects with upcoming deadlines. Thankfully, all of that will be out of the way within the next few weeks. Follower will return on its regular day next week, and I’m planning to make up the missing page as soon as possible.

That said, Patreon backers will get the first look at new Follower material as it’s made. Our Patreon has converted to immediate charge, so you can pay immediately and gain access to our back catalog of rewards like wallpapers and other extras. $1 goes a long way to helping us keep making comics and is always appreciated if you like what we do!

Starting in August, I’m also going to be posting weekly #ThrowbackThursday wallpapers featuring Chios and Messenger characters. These wallpapers were originally PayPal donation rewards circa 2010, and there are at least a few that I know no one downloaded at the time, so that’s a bonus! I’ve already queued these up, and they run from the first week of August to the first week of November, and unlike regular monthly wallpapers, these will be available to all patrons pledging at least $1!

August is always a tight month for us because web hosting for the year is due, so if you enjoy Follower, Messenger, or our other comics, please consider chipping in via Patreon or Ko-Fi, or purchasing something from our shop.