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Schedule hiccups

Schedule hiccups published on No Comments on Schedule hiccups

Hey there~

I know there’s been some radio silence here for quite a while, so I wanted to post an update on what the deal is with Follower. I wrote two small updates over on Messenger (here and here) to talk about what’s going on with the comics lately, which will be a better explanation for what’s been up.

In short, no, we haven’t given up on Follower. Real life (my job) has been a huge pain in getting things done on a schedule I’m happy with. So the current plan is to cut Messenger down to one page per week until I have the first issue of Follower completed. This is way more manageable.

The plan for Follower is still to release the book alongside the start of the comic online, and we’ve planned some neat extras to include in the print version. Hopefully I can get it together in the next month or two, if all goes well.

In the meantime, why not give Messenger a re-read, and come visit us on the MonsterHive forums?

Thanks for your patience, and see you soon!

Wednesday update delayed

Wednesday update delayed published on No Comments on Wednesday update delayed

Hey folks, Bug and I wanted to let you know that there won’t be a Debris comic tomorrow because of mitigating circumstances (mostly because we were getting ready for the worst regarding Hurricane Sandy.)

We’ve got some great stuff still in production that should be up by Sunday.

Thanks for your patience!

Welcome to Debris

Welcome to Debris published on No Comments on Welcome to Debris

So this was an idea I had as a placeholder while Bug finished drawing up Chapter 1 of Follower, sort of a “world-building” panorama of the state of the world as it exists so far.

There is a story going on in the prologue…sort of. The events chronicled during this prologue chapter are spread out over an indeterminable set of years, but how many (or rather, what year it actually is) really doesn’t matter. In the end, this segment serves as an appetizer; a taste of things to come in this new story.

Feel free to drop a comment and say “Hi!” I hope you enjoy what you see in these next few pages.