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Improvements 35: …all loyal, all connected.

Improvements 35: …all loyal, all connected. published on 4 Comments on Improvements 35: …all loyal, all connected.

Richart gets down to details on the plans for the Vloxen program.

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"(…S)olid rocket-assisted leaps to propel them hundreds of feet in the air."

Actually, you'd probably want a *liquid*-fueled system for something like that. (Unless it uses removable propellant cartridges.) Solid fuels keep burning once ignited, have a fixed acceleration rate and burn time is determined by how much fuel is in the containment vessel. Liquid-fueled rockets are more flexible in these regards: i.e. they can be turned on and off as a situation demands, fuel rates can be adjusted to determine acceleration/deceleration rates, and they'll burn as long as they have a fuel/oxidizer source.

(I had to ask Delade about this, since he's the rocket expert on the team…)

He says: "Reynard, you are 100% correct. As a graduate of Kerbal University, the advantages of liquid propellant over solid are numerous and abundant. For the purposes of this story, we're going with the idea that they're a cheaper and simpler component, and the Chios were never meant to be pilots or do complex maneuvers, so the limitations are OK for their missions. The solid rockets would be cartridge-based, allowing for easy replacement in the field."

Thanks for the in-depth reply and checking our facts. 🙂

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