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Winter Mini-Break

Winter Mini-Break published on No Comments on Winter Mini-Break

To keep it short, the past two weeks have been absolutely ridiculous and I haven’t been able to get a page done. It seems like, quite literally, every time I sit down to get to work some disaster happens that I have to take care of immediately and takes hours out of my day. Every day. The car died twice, I had to make a short drive when a snowstorm popped up that turned into a 3-hour expedition due to the weather, and lots of other minor annoyances that take forever to resolve. 2016 is really digging its claws in at this point, or something.

So I’m only just now getting caught up to where I needed to be two weeks ago, which is unfortunate. While there won’t be a new page today, there will be one this week, and then I’m taking a short break until January 11 so I can focus and attempt to get ahead, and maybe relax a little over the holiday this weekend. Patrons will continue to get early access to pages in the works as I make progress. I have also done some restructuring to the Patreon, so there are some new reward tiers available and I have several in the works. If you enjoy Follower, please help me become a self-supporting comic artist and consider chipping in!

Sorry for the continued delays, hopefully the universe will get its act together and leave me alone so I can draw! Follow Twitter or our new Telegram channel for updates when they come.

Page Postponed 12/7

Page Postponed 12/7 published on No Comments on Page Postponed 12/7

Hey readers! Just a tiny update to let you know that this week’s page is going to be postponed for a few days. I caught some kind of bug that I was hoping would be gone by now, but I’d rather spend a day or two trying to feel better than make it worse by stressing out over getting a page done. I’ll try and make next week’s a double update if I can.

Thanks for your patience!

Black Friday Comic Sale!

Black Friday Comic Sale! published on No Comments on Black Friday Comic Sale!

Hey! Whether you’re in the US celebrating Thanksgiving, or anywhere else celebrating an ordinary Thursday, we wanted to say thanks to our readers with a Black Friday offer in our digital comics shop on gumroad. Enter the code leftovers at checkout for 15% off everything in the shop, valid through Sunday 11/27/16!

We’ll also be offering a couple more coupon codes throughout the rest of this holiday season – sign up for our email newsletter to keep updated!