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September Patreon Wallpaper

September Patreon Wallpaper published on No Comments on September Patreon Wallpaper

This month’s Patreon wallpaper is now available for all $2+ patrons! It features the Chios playing in a pile of fall leaves.

I’ve also been posting bits of work to Patreon using their Lens feature – it’s a neat way to get a peek at what I’m working on (usually as I’m working on it!) using their app. You have to check in often, though, since the posts disappear after a day.

Tiny Hiatus

Tiny Hiatus published on No Comments on Tiny Hiatus

Follower will be taking a really short hiatus for the next two weeks while I work on rebuilding my buffer of pages. I want to make sure that everything looks as good as possible rather than rushing to get a page out for the week.

Regular updates will resume on September 4th! As always, Patrons of all pledge levels will get the first crack at new pages, in addition to other rewards. Consider becoming a Patron!

Teepublic sale!

Teepublic sale! published on No Comments on Teepublic sale!

Everything in my Teepublic store is on sale from now through July 21! That’s up to 35% off everything — $13 tees, $1.50 stickers, $14 totes, and more! If you’ve ever wanted to snag a piece of Messenger/Follower Merch, this is the perfect time! 

Check out my shop here!

Happy Summer!