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Follower Issue 2, now on comiXology!

Follower Issue 2, now on comiXology! published on No Comments on Follower Issue 2, now on comiXology!

Chapter Two: Improvements

Written by: Bugbyte
Art by: Bugbyte
Written by: Delade
Price: $4.99

After a tumultuous start, Geedey realizes that although Dia may be obnoxious, she has a lot to teach him – and he’s not ready to lose that opportunity. When Dia’s presence becomes uncertain, Geedey realizes how important she’s become. Meanwhile, the men and women of Project Cottontail take stock of the situation at home, as well as their own personal investments in a project that could decide the fate of millions as the world teeters on the brink of total collapse. This issue contains the complete second chapter of Follower, along with 7-page bonus story, “Standing With Victor.”

Buy now on comiXology!

Shop updates! Follower issue 2 is now available!

Shop updates! Follower issue 2 is now available! published on No Comments on Shop updates! Follower issue 2 is now available!

We finally received the Chapter 2 books! They are now in the shop, along with tons of other new stuff we’ve added since the busiest part of our convention plans for this year are over for now.

The print (and PDF) version of Chapter 2 includes an exclusive 7-page bonus story called “Standing With Victor,” which takes place surrounding the events at the news station in the beginning of the chapter. You can only see it by purchasing the book!

Buying from our shop helps to support Follower and Messenger and keeps new comics coming every week for free. We couldn’t do what we do without all of you.

Year of the Chio

Year of the Chio published on No Comments on Year of the Chio

You may have been led to believe that 2015 is the year of the goat, and well, you’d be right. But it’s also the year of the Chio! We have a ton of stuff planned for this year, some of which I can (finally) post about. This is a long post, but I’ve been sitting on a lot of news for a while and decided to group it all together in one article. Here we go!

Follower and Messenger will be present at two conventions this year: FubukiCon in Amherst New York (March 14-15), and UBcon at the University at Buffalo (April 17-19), which we just confirmed this weekend! (More detailed information will be posted closer to those weekends. Stay tuned!) We’re completely new to this whole public appearance thing, but we’re definitely very excited to get out and meet readers! If you can’t make it to the Western New York area this spring, don’t worry: we are in the process of lining up more appearances for later this year. If you’d like us to come to your area, please give us a hand by mentioning us to your local comic/gaming/sci-fi convention, or by recommending the comic to your friends!

As I’ve mentioned before, our Patreon is one of the reasons that we’re finally able to start attending events like these. If you’re enjoying Follower and you’ve thought about pledging but haven’t yet, I just wanted to let you know that March is going to be a great month to join in! Since we’ve been trying to prepare a print issue of chapter two (with a bonus short comic!) for UBcon, the rest of the chapter is nearly completely illustrated, and ALL patrons will get early access to these pages. In addition to this, Delade and I have been working on new content to be added in the next few months, including short fiction from within the Follower/Messenger-verse and other stuff!

New Patrons-Only Content

For just $1 per month, you’ll get early access to comic pages and behind-the-scenes videos, as well as a monthly PDF sketchbook. There are other neat rewards at higher pledge levels, plus you’ll get to see the end of chapter two before everyone else does! There are currently two new Follower pages only available to Patreon backers. Join in to sneak a peek!

Ghost Cat

In my ongoing effort to improve my comics-making skills, I’ve been working on a few mini comics in my spare time, and finished the first of them just this weekend. It’s titled Ghost Cat and is a short true story about something that happened while Delade and I were moving into a new apartment recently. It’s more cute than it is spooky, and it’s available now as a pay-what-you-want PDF on my gumroad shop. You can even pay nothing if you want, but profits from Ghost Cat also help my recent efforts to promote Follower and Messenger, and are much appreciated! I’ll also be bringing print copies of Ghost Cat and hopefully one other not-yet-complete mini to our upcoming events.

As always, thank you for reading and being interested in our work. It’s one of the biggest motivators we have to keep going, and it means a lot to both of us.