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A slight change of schedule!

A slight change of schedule! published on No Comments on A slight change of schedule!

Hey there! Due to a slight miscalculation of inventory on our part, we’re not going to be at Buffalo Comicon this year since it would be kinda silly to have a table without any books to put on it! (On the plus side, that means we’ve sold a whole bunch of books!)

We are working on plans for other events later this year and in early 2016 which we plan to be at, and will be publishing an updated schedule in the very near future.

Sorry for the sudden switcheroo, but we’ll catch you sometime in the near future, Buffalo!

FubukiCon Follow-Up & Upcoming UBCon!

FubukiCon Follow-Up & Upcoming UBCon! published on 3 Comments on FubukiCon Follow-Up & Upcoming UBCon!

FubukiCon was this past weekend! Despite lower-than-anticipated attendance, we had a blast and (hopefully) got the word about Follower out to a new crowd of people! If we met you this weekend, thank you so much for stopping by our table and checking out our comics, and double thanks for visiting the site! There’s a more detailed report of our adventures over here on my blog. We learned a lot since it was our first time out, and in general, everything went better than expected. Yay!

FubukiCon 2015
Our table! The banner and Dia cutout I made looked fantastic and we felt like pros. (Thanks again to all our Patreon supporters for helping make this possible!)

Up next on our events schedule is UBCon, from April 17-19th at the University at Buffalo’s North Campus in Amherst, NY. UBCon is largely based around gaming of all sorts, and I’ve heard from folks who have been before that the crowds are usually pretty good. We’re super excited to have this event on our list, and hope we’ll run into even more awesome folks! I will be at our table for the whole convention weekend, but Delade will only be available on Sunday, if you were hoping to meet us both.

We’re still working on more appearance dates for the summer, and will keep you posted here! A huge thanks goes out to all of our Patreon supporters who had a big hand in making this possible. Preparing for a convention can (as we learned) take a bit of funding to get started, and we wouldn’t be able to do this without you all. Thank you! If you’d like to help us be able to attend more conventions in new locations, please consider supporting us via Patreon!

Schedule hiccups

Schedule hiccups published on No Comments on Schedule hiccups

Hey there~

I know there’s been some radio silence here for quite a while, so I wanted to post an update on what the deal is with Follower. I wrote two small updates over on Messenger (here and here) to talk about what’s going on with the comics lately, which will be a better explanation for what’s been up.

In short, no, we haven’t given up on Follower. Real life (my job) has been a huge pain in getting things done on a schedule I’m happy with. So the current plan is to cut Messenger down to one page per week until I have the first issue of Follower completed. This is way more manageable.

The plan for Follower is still to release the book alongside the start of the comic online, and we’ve planned some neat extras to include in the print version. Hopefully I can get it together in the next month or two, if all goes well.

In the meantime, why not give Messenger a re-read, and come visit us on the MonsterHive forums?

Thanks for your patience, and see you soon!