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Welcome, 2015!

Welcome, 2015! published on No Comments on Welcome, 2015!

Phew, it’s been a while since we’ve made a news post. There usually isn’t much to say aside from comments on each week’s page, but since we missed last week’s, and probably will miss this week’s, it’s time for an update.

As I mentioned previously, Delade and I are in the middle of moving to a new apartment. All’s going well, but definitely taking a lot longer than planned. Right now, my comic-making tools and other supplies are scattered in boxes, between two houses. We’re hoping to be done with all that this week, and then I can get back to work.

So, in short, the comic is having a micro delay, and will be back to normal starting next week. Even if I have to find a public wifi spot to post it.

In other notes, 2014 was a pretty good year for Follower: we printed our first issue, made it almost to the end (!!) of the second chapter online, and have plans in the works for the third. We’re both really excited about where the story is going this year, and I’m personally very excited about being able to compile the second issue for print very soon.

We also were incredibly thankful for our Patreon supporters these past few months. You’ve helped enable us to keep making comics, and even eat sometimes! That’s pretty awesome, and it’s so encouraging to keep doing what we do. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

Thanks for your patience with our little unplanned delays, and we wish you all the best in 2015!

State of the Patreon, production videos & more

State of the Patreon, production videos & more published on No Comments on State of the Patreon, production videos & more

Hey readers! Long time no post. I have a few things to write about that you may be interested in, so let’s get to it!

I’m in the process of moving, and to help buffer moving-related expenses, I’m having a Pixel Garage Sale this week! That means you can get cheap commissions ($5 for a head-and-shoulders character portrait, or $10 for a colored single-character drawing) or inexpensive copies of the comics I have on gumroad! Those are 30% off this week using the code garagesale. Help me get rid of these spare pixels so I don’t have to haul them to the new place! (Yes I do. Of course I do. You can never get rid of pixels.)

I’ve been producing little making-of videos while working on the comic, and posting them for patrons, releasing them a few weeks later for everyone else. There are two videos up now for everyone to see! Check out our YouTube channel here.

Lastly, the Patreon is still going strong! I am blown away and incredibly grateful for the support we’ve gotten so far. I did a lot of thinking and made a hard choice to move bonus Messenger pages to a higher milestone tier, simply because I’ve fallen behind and needed to find a way to better balance the workload I created for myself, at least temporarily. Never fear, though, I’ve replaced them with a new reward for all patrons: a monthly sketchbook of various things I’ve been working on. I’ll also take suggestions for themes. This is something I do for myself already anyway, so it won’t have the same devastating effect on my workload, and will still produce a neat reward for supporters. All other milestones will remain the same, and rewards are unchanged as well. To find our more about our Patreon, click here. I truly appreciate the support we’ve gotten so far, it really does mean a lot to both Delade and I.

I can’t believe how quickly chapter two is progressing; we’ve written scripts through chapter five, so there’s lots more to come in the world of Follower! Chapter two will probably see print in February or March of 2015, depending on how quickly I can finish the art. I can’t wait.

That’s about all I have to say for now, so thanks for reading, and don’t forget to share a link to Follower with your friends! All we want for Christmas is new readers.


Patreon First Milestone Reward – for everyone!

Patreon First Milestone Reward – for everyone! published on No Comments on Patreon First Milestone Reward – for everyone!

The Messenger & Follower Patreon is doing stupendously well so far! In a little over a month, we’ve managed to break through three milestone goals, which will enable me to do more with the comics! As a reward for accomplishing the first goal, I’ve created a brand new Chio-themed wallpaper that’s available for everyone, not just patrons! Thanks so much to everyone who’s supported us, whether it’s by supporting our Patreon, sharing a link to our comics with friends, or simply reading the comic each week. It really means a lot. Please feel free to download this wallpaper, and enjoy some desktop Chios!

If you want to help support Messenger and Follower, but are unable to back our Patreon campaign, that’s ok! There are still some other ways you can help support the comics for free:

  • Click the little “Follow” button on the top of our Patreon page to follow our updates. Apparently this also helps our rankings on Patreon and boosts our posts and updates a little higher in the list, so people are more likely to see them!
  • Retweet our comic updates and links on Twitter! (Or reblog our updates on Tumblr!)
  • Read Follower using Comic Chameleon, a free iOS app!
  • Or just share the comic with your friends!

As always, we appreciate your continued readership, and look forward to creating more new stuff for you to enjoy. Thank you!