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Books are on the way!

Books are on the way! published on

The issue 1 books are finally on the way! Wahoo! We received our proof copy today (after about three days of chasing people around at the post office since it got lost the first time around) and this book looks awesome, as you can clearly see in these gloriously off-color phone photos and one-handed video preview:

After fixing one very minor error and sending the files back to the printer, the book is all set! I’ve placed an order for a box of copies for those who want their books signed and sketched in, but it will also be available as an ebook and through IndyPlanet. At the moment, the estimated street date is April 15th, but this is possibly subject to change.

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for your patience and support during the whole production process. Delade and I originally intended to launch the book alongside the online launch, but due to 2013 being a neverending string of awful that didn’t quite work out as planned. We’re both extremely pleased with how the book came out, and can’t wait to share it with everyone. I hope you’ll think it was worth the wait, too.

Thanks for reading!

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