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Loyalties 33: I can’t save us

Loyalties 33: I can’t save us published on 4 Comments on Loyalties 33: I can’t save us

A last-ditch effort by Colonel Harren.


Things don't look good. Neither for the colonel nor for the base. While I think Col. Harren could survive if he receives extensive medical quickly, considering the current situation it is doubtful that anybody will get to him soon enough. As for the rest of the base, even if the reactor wouldn't melt down, they would be in a tough spot. They are surrounded by enemies, and the general will probably order a bomb run to make sure that nothing has survived at the base as soon as he gets in the air. So all we can do now is to hope for the best, that Doctor Calway and the rest of the team survive despite the odds.
On a side note, I like the vintage look you have chosen for the reactors status display. Nowadays you don't see monochrome or pseudo graphics. Alas I have to say that the whole idea of rigging a reactor to explode is wrong in too many ways for me to describe them all. But I have to admit it makes a good plot device.

Yep, everyone's in a pretty bad place right now! I dug up a lot of reference images for the reactor control room, and it seems that they tend to look pretty ancient technology-wise, so I ran with that aesthetic, haha.

I wouldn't use the term ancient to describe the controls and instruments in a control room. Granted many were originally designed 50 or more years ago, but no one has come up with anything better, except for the computers. Also most nuclear power station were originally planned in the 1960s and build in the 1970s which affects the design of many things quite heavily. But I should point out that all parts of a nuclear power station, including the control room, receive technical updates as far as is practical.
By the way one control, the scram button, is glaringly absent. And since I doubt that this reactor was build in the 1950s one can expect to see on of them on every console. But since were are talking about a plot device here, that is hardly surprising.

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