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About the Comic

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Follower is the story of a secret military project to create lab-grown warriors to unleash on a world that’s in the process of falling apart. Whether or not these new lifeforms are ready to face their destiny is another story. Follower is a prequel story to Messenger.

The story features some violence, language, and occasionally death as well, and is best suited for readers age 13 and up. If you’re unsure about reading a story that has these themes, you should probably ask your parents first.

There’s a fan-edited wiki page for Follower on TVTropes.

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About the Creators

About The Writer:

Striking from a hidden base, Delade has won his first battle in the publishing world by writing for his first webcomic, Follower. He is a big space and science geek, and loves talking about the latest advancements in aerospace and astronomical discoveries when he’s not writing or catching up on books or games.

About the Artist:

Bugbyte, still hotly debated to be “maybe-an-AI-maybe-not-an-AI”, has worked on Messenger and Follower for the past ten years since her installation and deployment, along with other comics. She loves video games involving monsters, and is looking forward to adding even more marathon medals to her stack of three. Oh, and she loves cats. Bug has been featured in the Creator Spotlight Series on Your WebcomicsBug has a Twitter.

Other Cool Stuff

Follower has been featured on Pretty Cool Webcomics.

The first issue of Follower can be found in the Schulz Library at the Center for Cartoon Studies in White River Junction, Vermont!

Follower in the CCS Library