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Main cast

Colonel John Harren
Colonel John Harren
Fascinated by the ocean as a child, John Harren joined the US Army to help pay for college and study oceanography. In the late 2030s, Harren was tapped to help manage a biomedical program run through a joint US Army-DARPA-Lenore Biotech project. He is a man of conscience, character and science.
Captain Elias Bash
Captain Elias Bash
Captain Bash is Colonel Harren’s right hand man, always prepared to do whatever it takes to accomplish the task. He is young, eager, resourceful and energetic, but rarely sloppy or unprofessional.
General Franklin Richart
General Franklin Richart
Well respected for his devastating tactical abilities and manipulation of enemy forces, Richart is responsible for initiating a joint project between the US Army, DARPA and Lenore Biotech that was originally supposed to produce ready, reliable organs for use with injured soldiers while providing similar services to civilians. He is a shrewd, clever and manipulative individual who does not like to lose.
Mr. Aaron Carvan
Mr. Aaron Carvan
After an arrest in Kansas City, he was given a choice: enlist or go to jail. Aaron enlisted. He was shown to be very effective in combat situations and was scored as “gifted” in natural intelligence and comprehension, leading to a chance encounter with a young Lieutenant Frank Richart. Richart saw potential in the young man; Aaron saw someone who could respect his space and interests.
Subject 23-3 ("Geedey")
Subject 23-3 (“Geedey”)
An isolated Vloxen, 23-3 is regarded to be the most intelligent and inquisitive in the program. He is also known as the most cowardly, running from conflict and preferring isolation and shelter to the outside world. This is, however, catching up with him as he attempts to wrestle with his own existence.
Dr. Ashley Calway
Dr. Ashley Calway
Like so many young children, Ashley fostered a strong love of animals at an early age. She volunteered at local shelters and was a top language and biology student in high school. She accepted a full ride scholarship to MIT, where she worked closely with marine and avian species in an effort to expand on decades old research with advanced technology.
Dr. Kyle Wolzarski
Dr. Kyle Wolzarski
What started out as a promising high school football career was cut tragically short when his leg was broken in 4 places while tackled–he would never play again. While recovering, Kyle focused heavily in his math and chemistry studies, eventually being accepted to The University of Alabama as a chemical engineering student. After he earned his PhD at the University of Chicago, he was offered a job working with the Army’s artificial organ program.
An intelligent holographic simulation of a Vloxen, designed to interact with test subjects during training and weapons testing.
Subject 57-17 ("Dia")
Subject 57-17 (“Dia”)
Rambunctious, creative, playful and youthful, 57-17 (or “Dia” as she calls herself) is the oldest of the second generation Vloxen. Unlike the first generation, Dia was born naturally between two first generation parents; she and her generation are under close scrutiny by the research staff to see how quickly they mature, develop and can rationalize their world.
Dr. Tolio
Dr. Tolio
Richard Bernhard Tolio was born in Germany, but moved to the United States with his parents in 2022. In school, he displayed a remarkable understanding of science and math but was repeatedly bullied by more athletic students for his accent and nationality. When a revenge plot against the bullies went horribly awry, young Tolio was tapped by the FBI’s chemical weapons division and made a deal: work with us, or go to prison for the rest of your life. The partnership worked well for many years, eventually leading to an opportunity at Lenore Biotech, and later, as head geneticist at Cottontail.

Side characters

A rambunctious young girl Dia befriends. Their personalities are a perfect match.
Constantly anxious, Apple operates on a hair trigger. She likes to consider all the possibilities of what could go wrong before they actually do.
Jumply rounds out the Vloxen crew by being amicable and ready to move when the situation calls for it.

Charlie is small but brave. He tends to stick around his bigger companions, but is also always ready to jump in and help out.
Fibib has a strong attitude and is highly opinionated. Quick to disagree, and stands behind her points.
Stone is one of the biggest and strongest Vloxen. Definitely the strong but mostly silent type.

Create a Chio Crew

Ali by Jacinto Valentine

Appears through Chapter 5

Ali is curious and a bit cautious, but very interested in new people and objects.
He’s trusting and seeks affection, and attempts to communicate with anything
he thinks might talk back. He’s a bit determined and focused to a fault; he follows through on his promises, but often gets tunnel vision when he’s
working towards them.

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