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Through Patreon, Gumroad, or Ko-Fi, you can join the Chio Club and help support the comic financially. For a monthly donation, you’ll get access to early pages, behind the scenes content, and other rewards. 


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The easiest way to help our comics is to share with your friends! Follower is on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and more, and all our new page updates will pop up in your feed. Sharing our posts helps us find new readers and it’s free and easy! Following us on these platforms helps boost our visibility, too!

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Voting for Follower on TopWebComics helps Follower by increasing our rank on the list! It’s free, and you can vote for as many comics as you like once per day. If you vote every day, that really helps us move up the list! There’s usually a preview image of the next page when you vote, too. 

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Our online shop has all kinds of books, accessories, and other stuff as another way to support our comics!

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