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Loyalties 36: If you insist.

Loyalties 36: If you insist. published on 6 Comments on Loyalties 36: If you insist.

This guy again.


Let me see if I got everything right. At this moment Col. Harren is busy redirecting the ventilation, so that when the reactor goes up, the radiation is diverted away from the floxen. General Richart and probably also Doctor Tolio expect the Floxen to die in the radiation that they intended to hit the Floxen. But now after the Colonel does what he can the radiation will go into the surrounding area instead of the base.
So basically Tolio is actually helping the Floxen to survive while believing that he is ensuring their doom. Which makes this a case of Nice job fixing it Villain! (see:… ). Now lets see if things play out as expected or if their is another twist coming.
By the way what happened to the guard? While Tolio may have slipped past him, I think either he or the general's assistant took care of him.

You got it – everyone thinks they've got the upper hand at the moment. Bash slipped out on the previous page after Calway asked him to secure an escape route, that probably wasn't as clear as it should have been. I'll probably fix it up when this chapter gets to print.

I read the part where Calway gave the order. But it can't have been more then a minute since the soldiers left and Tolio appeeared. And since it appeared to me that this room lies at the end of a hallway; I thought it would be quite likely that Tolio ran into Bash. So the question would be, if there are any corridors that intersect the one leading here?
Anyway don't worry about it to much, even the greatest authors make mistakes, that leave the readers asking "How did this happen?"

Yeah, either way, I'll probably rework this to clarify later. Again, not clear on my part, the hallway does branch off in either direction outside the lab, but more on that will be coming up soon, anyway. 😀

The easiest solution would be to put a sign with some directions in the background. Perhaps something like this:

^ Barracks, Command ^
Infirmary, Rest Room —>
<— Motor Pool, Armory

The text doesn't need to be readable, but the arrows should be clear enough to see that they are pointing in different directions. Another solution would be to put such signs on the ground.
I would like to note, that in the end if you would film such a situation in the real world, it can easily happen that such signs and other hints get lost. The reason for this is that due the perspective they are covered by something else and there isn't really anything that could be done about that. So don't worry or overthink this and take it as a sign that life isn't always as helpful as one would like.

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