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Improvements 38: Why are you crying?

Improvements 38: Why are you crying? published on No Comments on Improvements 38: Why are you crying?

Thus ends Chapter 2! Thank you so much for reading! Chapter 2 will be available in print soon, and in the meantime the electronic version can be found on Gumroad, Drivethrucomics, and  will be available very soon on Comixology! Check out our shop for more information.

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Follower will be taking a mini-break for the next two weeks, sort of. We’ll be updating with a mini story called Joke Night With Tolio in place of the regular comic, plus at least one piece of fanart! If you’d like to submit something for us to share, send it to bug [at] and we’ll upload it to the main site with a link back to you!

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Thank you again for your continued readership. We can’t wait to show you what else we’ve been up to, so please stay tuned for Chapter Three: Conversations!

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