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Velox 10: Orders are orders

Velox 10: Orders are orders published on No Comments on Velox 10: Orders are orders

Whoops, didn’t get today’s page queued up quite on time, but here it is! I’ve had a pretty nasty cold for the past couple days and just got back in from running a half marathon this weekend. Thanks for your patience!


Panel 1: A long view down a brightly-lit corridor lined by heavy doors. Everything is a pristine, medical white. Each door is numbered with a serial number, and has a small window with safety glass. At the end of the hallway is a double door.


Panel 2: A pair of scientists in white lab coats walks down the hall, away from us: a blonde woman and a dark-haired man. They are carrying clipboards.

Woman: “…and then I bluffed him with a pair of twos! Poor sonofabitch never saw it coming!”

Man: “How about we stick to the task at hand, eh?”

Panel 3: We see the man walking in profile and reading from his clipboard.

Man: “Right… wait. 23-3? No, this can’t be right. He couldn’t do the stuff we just finished setting up. I thought we were doing this for the second gen-”

Panel 4: The woman waves her hand dismissively.

Woman: “Hey, orders are orders from upstairs. You wouldn’t want to piss off Tolio.”

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