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Panel 1: Now we are looking through the safety glass back to the hallway. We can see the silhouettes of the two scientists standing and talking.

Man: “You really think he’ll be able to navigate a live-fire exercise when he’s never even seen another one of his own kind?”

Panel 2: A profile view of the woman looking through the window. Her expression is serious.

Woman: “You’d be amazed what can happen if you use the right stimulus. He’s got great problem-solving skills, and his critical thinking skills are on par with someone in their 20s. He’ll figure it out.”

Panel 3: The man holds up his clipboard and points angrily at it.

Man: “He can’t even communicate, though! And we’ve measured more aggression in the lab mice than we have with 23-3!”

Panel 4: A close up of the safety glass window again, this time from a slightly different viewing angle. Now we can see through to the head of the bed. Sitting on it is a creature, about human-sized, covered with short brown fur. It has long, pointed ears and a long tail ending in a tuft of fur. It is wearing teal surgical scrubs. Its back is to us.

Woman: “That’s his downfall, and that’s what we’ll be working on…or, as soon as we get him eating again. How long has he been like this?”

Man: “This is the second week we’ve seen him eat less than 50% of his normal observed intake. Nevermind the food intake, he just spends his days on his bed, staring into the one way in the corner. Poor guy… I think he’s starting to give up. Calway is concerned, though Tolio couldn’t give a shit.”

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