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Panel 1: Three people enter the room; two new scientists (a woman with long, straight, dark hair held back by a pink hairband, a man with glasses and dark, curly hair) and the man in the blue polo who was the General’s companion.

The woman steps forward to speak, while her companions hang back near the door.

The woman speaks, but her word balloon suggests that her speech may be indecipherable to the creature: “Hello again. I’m Doctor Calway. It’s time for you to come with us.”

Panel 2: Woman: “We have a few games for you to play that we think you’re going to love.” She steps toward the creature, who looks puzzled.

Panel 3: The woman turns back to the other two humans, motioning in frustration.

Woman: “You see?”
The creature watches the scene in confusion, trying to understand what is happening.

Panel 4: Woman: “He’s losing the will to keep going. He doesn’t understand us like the others and he doesn’t know what’s going on.”

Man in blue polo: “I have my orders, and so do you.”

Panel 5: The man pulls out a small tranquilizer pistol and approaches the creature with caution.

Panel 6: The creature attempts to use its long animal legs to leap away, but the man fires a dart before he can escape.

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