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Panel 1: The loud ringing sound continues. The creature is now on the floor, resting carefully on all fours, with his ears pointed back and down.

From off-panel, one of the scientists from the previous page speaks. She says, “Sir, if I may? 23-3 is from the first generation of Vloxen. He doesn’t understand any English or verbal communication that we can see from our tests-”

Panel 2: General Richart and the Colonel stand side by side looking through the glass. Richart speaks: “Let’s hit him with Victor.”

Panel 3: A close-up view of one of the computer workstations. A hand hovers over a touchscreen panel, with a button labeled “Engage Victor Program.”

Panel 4: A wide shot of the room from the rear. The curly-haired scientist sits at the workstation panel. The General and Colonel look out through the glass. The other scientist is at the back of the room, closest to our view.

The General continues speaking: “I know. I read your research. I wanted to see what this one would do when he hasn’t had a chance to figure out what’s going on.”

The scientist objects: “B-but sir!”

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