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Panel 1: A wide view of the large rocks around the airstrip. Upon closer inspection, there are large hangar doors built into their sides.

Panel 2: The General speaks: “What’s the security status here?”

Panel 3: The Colonel replies: “Ground parameters and airspace security is completely covered. Near Earth Aerial Tracking locked onto you as soon as you dropped below 500 feet.”

Panel 4: The General and the Colonel walk side by side.

General: “Excellent. It will be nice to get away from all the liberal hubbub that’s been going on at the other installation back East. How are the experiments? How are the research teams?”

Colonel: “We have a total of 97 Lepusophus Veloxensis subjects. Of that, there are 33 male, 34 female, and 30 natural born second generation: 17 female, 14 male. We’ve broken them into groups and have isolated several of the first generation away from the others for further language research.”

Panel 5: A close up of the General. His expression is an antagonistic grin. “Still can’t talk to ’em, I hear. Heh. Shame.”

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