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The two approach the large hangar doors built into the rock.

Panel 1: General: “Have there been any attempts to test out the armor grafts?”

Panel 2: The colonel pulls the door open.

SFX: Creeeeeeeak

Colonel: “No, not yet. Until i got your message to begin combat testing, we’ve been focusing on the language and aerobic research.”

Panel 3: The General scowls.

Panel 4: The General replies, and points over his shoulder. He speaks: “I see. I’d like to be there for the first combat test, if that’s alright with you, Colonel. Meanwhile, if you’ll excuse me, I would like to be shown to my quarters and freshen up.”

Panel 5: The two men are in a hallway within the underground base. They are joined by the black man and another, older man in a blue polo shirt who is carrying the General’s luggage.

Colonel: “Yes, sir. The main elevator is over there–”

The General and his companion walk away.

General: “I’m aware. Thank you, Colonel.”

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