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Movie night, comic updates, and community events!

Movie night, comic updates, and community events! published on No Comments on Movie night, comic updates, and community events!

Hey there! This week’s page is running a bit late but I’m working on it as we speak! Er, type. Read? Whatever.

Two three small updates:

  1. Next Friday (June 24) is Movie Night in the Radio Chio Discord! Everyone is welcome to join and be part of the server, with special extra access for Chio Club folks. It’s a small friendly server, and we’re always happy to have new folks join us! Come hang hang out with us on Discord!
  2. I’m super, super close to making affiliate on Twitch! It would be super helpful if you came to hang out and watch while I’m live, since it helps me make the needed viewer count for affiliate, which would mean extra income for the comic. If you haven’t, follow me over on Twitch for updates and notifications!
  3. If you haven’t, please check out this post and consider submitting Follower for the 2022 Drunk Duck Awards!! It would be incredibly helpful if we win in any of the suggested categories. Finding new readers is really tough in this day and age, and every little bit of extra visibility helps.

Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you around one of these community events soon!

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