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Who should be the next Sketch Wednesday subject?

Who should be the next Sketch Wednesday subject? published on No Comments on Who should be the next Sketch Wednesday subject?

Time to pick a new character for the next Sketch Wednesday! This is something I’m starting to do on the “off” weeks between updates until I’m able to get back to a weekly schedule. Cast your vote!

Sketch Wednesday – Chio Kids

Sketch Wednesday – Chio Kids published on No Comments on Sketch Wednesday – Chio Kids

Since Follower will be sticking to a bi-weekly schedule for at least a little bit longer, I’ve decided to start posting art on the “off” Wednesdays. This week I’ve got a sketch of Geedey, Dia, and Eldora and Finn (from Messenger) that I made while playing around in Procreate. I’ve been hunting for good pencil brushes for ages, and finally found some from MrsDrPepper that are pretty amazing?! Anyway, this called for some Chio kids doodles, because they’re (literally) test subjects.

If you’re looking for more Follower content during the off weeks, remember that we have a Discord that anyone can join and you can also read a month ahead of where the website is when you subscribe to one of our Chio Club options!

See you next week with a brand new page! What character would you like to see in two weeks as the next Sketch Wednesday image? Leave a reply in the comments!

Streaming schedule 2/15-20!

Streaming schedule 2/15-20! published on No Comments on Streaming schedule 2/15-20!

I’ll be streaming comic work on Tuesday, 2/16 and Thursday, 2/18 at 3 pm eastern time this week on Twitch! Anyone can stop in and hang out while I get some pages done. You can even become a Pokemon in the chat!

Completely unrelated to comics, I’m also playing my way through Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis on Monday/Wednesday/Friday nights at 7 pm eastern time! Come join me for a wild DOS adventure!

All stream times will be posted on my Twitch page here:

Give me a follow to get notified when I’m live! It also helps support my comics when you watch any of my streams. I’m trying to gain enough average views/streaming hour to make it into Twitch’s affiliate program. If I can manage that, it’ll earn me a few more bucks to keep the comic-making machine up and running. I could definitely use your support!

Drawing live now! Click to view!