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And so it ends

And so it ends published on 2 Comments on And so it ends

It’s been a long time in the making, but today’s page marks the ending of Chapter One! It’s been a pretty exciting run so far – both for myself as a webcomics “veteran,” and Delade who is brand new to all of this. We’ve heard quite a bit of good feedback so far, and we’re really excited to bring you Chapter Two very soon!

Unlike our plans for the first issue, Chapter Two’s print release will probably happen about halfway into the online updates. I’m more eager to keep the story on track than to rush the book. The entire chapter has already been written, sketched, and inked — all that’s left is to add color. I created the cover several months ago and it’s been killing me not to post it early, but you’ll be able to view it very soon!

Lastly, I want to express my thanks to everyone for reading our story so far. We hope you’ve enjoyed it, and we can’t wait to bring you all the new stuff we’ve been working on all this time.