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We won!

We won! published on No Comments on We won!

Hey Chio Crew! Exciting news today! 

Follower is this year’s Best Anthropomorphic Comic in The Duck Webcomics’ Drunk Duck Awards

Since part of the awards process involved reader nominations, we’d like to extend our thanks to everyone who sent in a nomination. We couldn’t have done it without you, and your support as readers and a community means a lot to us! 

Now we’ve got legit bragging rights and a fancy banner to stick on the website. Exciting! 

To celebrate, all Follower digital comics are 75% off in the shop this weekend, and you can get the whole bundle for just $5! Each comic includes a bonus story not seen elsewhere online. 

If you’d like to join us and the rest of the community in celebrating, drop in on our Discord

The rest of the winners are announced (with comic presenters!) in this webcomic-style presentation ceremony over on The Duck!

Thank you so much again for continuing to read our comic! We have a lot of story left to tell, so even though things are moving a bit slowly at the moment due to injury, we’re determined to see it through!

Geedey sketch

Updates on Updates (and complications)

Updates on Updates (and complications) published on No Comments on Updates on Updates (and complications)
Hey there Chio Crew! I thought it would be good to post an update on what’s going on with the comic lately! I had intended to resume regular updates this month, and I’ve been working on it as I can, but I’ve been dealing with some problems with my hands which can make it really hard to draw and generally make fine, pinching type motions with my dominant hand, like the kind you need to…draw. This has been an ongoing problem for me for a number of years, but I’ve basically ignored it all this time or taken things slowly, but it’s finally reached a point where it’s affecting a lot more in my life than just making comics. The good news is: I’m currently working on seeing how best to resolve this problem with a variety of specialists! (oh wow fun, medical testing) The bad news is: I don’t have a solution yet, but I will get there. In the meantime, this sort of complicates getting comics done on a schedule since I kind of have to gauge my ability to draw day by day, and I’ve had quite a few “can’t do this at all today” kind of days recently. I’m not sure of the best way to address this situation, other than just make pages as I can do so, and get them out as I can. So, there will likely (continue to) be some delays in updates. I’m doing the best I can to keep up. That said: if you have (or would like to make) any kind of guest art (or writing, or anything, really), I would gladly accept it and post it on the site here with your relevant links and so on! I am still continuing to work on book updates, and posting for the Chio Club as I can. Thanks for your continued support and patience with everything that’s been going on lately. I’d cross my fingers for good luck in solving this, but uh, that’s part of the problem. Maybe I should just start finger painting new pages.

August Project: Follower Volume One

August Project: Follower Volume One published on No Comments on August Project: Follower Volume One

Hey folks, it’s the beginning of a whole new month, so I thought I’d take a minute to talk about what’s up with Follower.

July turned out to be far more hectic than I was anticipating, life-wise, and new Follower pages sort of kept getting pushed to the back burner. I’m working on catching up on that to get back on track, but for the foreseeable future I’m planning on keeping to bi-weekly updates for a couple of reasons:

1: I’m finishing off the brand new Follower website. I got quite a lot of work done on it over the weekend, and I’m refining some of the small stuff to make it functional. All it needs now is the bigger sized pages I’ve been planning for it, which leads me to,

2: If I’m cleaning up and exporting old pages for the new site, why not also prep them for print at the same time? An opportunity arose for August, which basically means that if I can get the book files done in the course of the month, I can get Follower Volume 1 to print much less expensively. So, if I’ve got to get this stuff done anyway, why not aim a little higher while I’m at it? I’ve blocked out time through the month for myself, which hopefully will mean I can get the book files done. This might delay Follower pages here or there, but ultimately it’s an August-only project.

To help support this project, I’ve added some new stuff to the Chio Club! If you pledge at $5+ during August, you’ll get your name on a thank you page in the final book! You’ll also get a PDF copy of the final book when pledged at that level.

If you pledge $100, you’ll get a physical copy of the book when it’s done, as well as the PDF and your name on the thanks page. (Please note that pledges outside the US will be invoiced separately for shipping since it’s wildly variable from country to country.) I realize that sounds like a high number for a book, but you’re also helping to cover the extra costs involved in production, like making sure we’re able to eat and keep the lights on while we’re working.

Behind the scenes stuff will be posted for Chio Club folks first, so that is also a bonus of subscribing, if you haven’t already!

To get these rewards, pledge on either Patreon or Ko-Fi!

I am also planning to work on a bunch of these edits on stream, so you can drop in and watch, or come ask questions about the comic or book making process! I’m happy to share what I know. This isn’t my first rodeo with print, so I’m more than happy to answer some questions while I’m working. Or you can just hang out and watch! I’m planning to make the focus of my Monday night streams (which are usually comic work anyway) book work, so that’s when you can find me.

Follow me on Twitch to find out when I’m live!

If you want additional, in-depth updates like this, be sure to subscribe to the Chio Chronicles newsletter! I posted a bunch about everything going on lately, and the latest issue went out today.

Thanks for reading!