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Comic art stream tonight! And other news

Comic art stream tonight! And other news published on No Comments on Comic art stream tonight! And other news

We’re back to sort of a normal streaming schedule again this week, and with some extra good news: I finally made it to Twitch Affiliate! This means that if you pop in and watch while I’m making comics or playing a game, you’ll be helping support the comic via the tiny slice of ad revenue share I get. 

Additionally, unlocking affiliate has opened up a bunch of new fun stuff you can do! Just by hanging out and watching the stream, you’ll collect channel points, which in my case are known as Chio Coins! You can spend them on all kinds of ✨fabulous prizes,✨ and if you save up enough you can even request a free sketch during an art stream!

Here are my plans for this week:

All streams start at 8:30 PM eastern time!

MONDAY 6/27: Drawing and then doing some Caves of Qud chores

WEDNESDAY 6/29: Caves of Qud: Laser turtle adventures continue!

FRIDAY 7/1: Friday Night Mystery stream! Art? Games? All of the above? I haven’t decided yet!

Times are subject to change; the best place to watch for changes is on Twitch!

Streaming Schedule & Clip Studio Sub

Streaming Schedule & Clip Studio Sub published on No Comments on Streaming Schedule & Clip Studio Sub

Clip Studio Stuff:

So in not-very-exciting news, it’s the beginning of a new month, which means my Clip Studio subscription is about to run out. While I technically can use it without a subscription at my desktop, I’ve been doing a lot of running around lately with a family member to medical appointments, and having a mobile option for getting work done would be enormously helpful. Clip Studio requires either a monthly or yearly subscription on iPad, and I’m a little short for that this month. Money has been fairly tight around here lately, especially for anything not directly survival-related, so if you want to and are able to help out with this, my gratitude would be endless.

I have made a wishlist on Throne which is privacy-focused (so nobody gets anyone else’s addresses) and it’s primarily like, art-related and streaming-related stuff I could use. Any of the Apple gift cards there would fund either a monthly or yearly sub to Clip Studio. Or, if you’d rather, my Ko-Fi is always open for donations or commissions.

In any event, thank you for reading all this and thanks for reading my comic!

Streams this week:

Although Monday’s comic stream is over, I’ll be doing some other stuff this week too!

WEDNESDAY 5/4: 8:30 PM EST / 7:30 CST / 5:30 PST

Playing even more Caves of Qud! Starting my newest character, Nyla the laser turtle!

FRIDAY 5/6: 8:30 PM EST / 7:30 CST / 5:30 PST

The Friday Night Doodle Zone! This is a pay-what-you-want art request stream! The more you pay, the longer I will spend on your request art and the more detailed it will be! This is extremely fun and can get silly, so come along even if you’re just there to watch!

I’m working on getting to Twitch Affiliate status, and need just a few more viewers per stream to make it! Hope to see you there!


SMASH! published on No Comments on SMASH!

So, uh, we reached our monthly Chio Club funding goal of $100/month! That means that, at least for the next 30 days, I’ll be working on exporting and uploading bigger, nicer versions of the comic AND giving everything a little touchup in the process. The site will be improved over time.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who helped make this happen. We’ve been having a rough time lately, and I’ve been having a rough time in particular, and this is really, really humbling and heartening.

What’s next?

Well, on to the next goal, I suppose?

The next goal in our lineup is $250/month which will enable Delade and I to create some new illustrated fiction in the Follower universe. To quote the goal posted on Ko-Fi and Patreon:

If we can make it all the way to $250/month, we can start to produce new fiction, written by Delade and illustrated by Bug. There are lots of stories to tell in the Messenger and Follower-verse, and they don’t all fit into the comic. We’d love to find a way to share more! Stories will be patron-exclusive for the month they’re released, and available to the public after that.

So, that’s the next goal. Join the Chio Club to help us reach it!

Time to get to work.

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