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Follower by bugbyte and Delade Chapter Eight: Precipice

Chapter Eight: Precipice

Chapter Eight: Precipice published on No Comments on Chapter Eight: Precipice

Chapter Eight begins tomorrow! Come back to see the new page, or sign up for our email list to get the new page directly in your inbox!

If you have about one minute to spare, Follower is eligible to be nominated for a 2021 Ursa Major Award in the Best Graphic Story Category. Anyone can submit a nomination, and it would mean the world to us if you would do us the honor of sending in a nomination. You do have to register, but it’s very quick and simple, and I have been on the list for years and never received spam of any kind from that source.

To quote the Ursa Major Awards website: “More formally known as the Annual Anthropomorphic Literature and Arts Award, the Ursa Major Award is presented annually for excellence in the furry arts. It is intended as Anthropomorphic (a.k.a. Furry) Fandom’s equivalent of the Hugo Award ® presented by the World Science Fiction Society, mystery fandom’s Anthony Award, horror fandom’s Bram Stoker Award, and so forth. Anyone may nominate and vote for candidates for the Awards. These Awards are decided by the fans, not by a committee.”

While I don’t know what our actual odds of winning an award are, it would be extremely cool and validating and probably helpful in other ways to be able to call ourselves “Ursa Major Awards Nominated webcomic, Follower.” Kind of like how you see “Hugo Award Nominee” on sci-fi book covers.

Visit the Ursa Major Awards website to submit a nomination for Follower!

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