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Precipice 1: Jarred awake

Precipice 1: Jarred awake published on No Comments on Precipice 1: Jarred awake

Chapter eight begins! Here’s the new page and, uh, some news:

If you have about one minute to spare, Follower is eligible to be nominated for a 2021 Ursa Major Award in the Best Graphic Story Category. Anyone can submit a nomination, and it would mean the world to us if you would do us the honor of sending in a nomination. You do have to register, but it’s very quick and simple, and I have been on the list for years and never received spam of any kind from that source. The deadline is February 12!

We made our Chio Club funding goal! That means I’ll be updating old pages to look better, and giving the website as a whole a facelift. You can see some of this work (as well as brand-new Follower pages) in advance when you sign up for the Chio Club. Thank you to all of our supporters for making this happen! We’ve got a new goal in mind, so if you enjoy Follower and want to keep new pages coming, become a Chio Club member!

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That’s all for now, see you next week for the next new page!

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