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Precipice 9: Isn’t that a bad idea?

Precipice 9: Isn’t that a bad idea? published on No Comments on Precipice 9: Isn’t that a bad idea?

We’re back! I’ve been dealing with health issues for a few months which slowed down my ability to make comics, but I’ve finally got about a month’s worth of updates ready to go.

Have you ever wanted to be in Follower? Now you can! Join the Chio Club at the Vloxen Geneticist tier and create your own character who will appear in this chapter of the comic! You can become a Vloxen Geneticist and create your own Chio by joining the Chio Club on either Patreon or Ko-Fi.

Also new to the Chio Club is the Sticker Tier! If you join at this level, you’ll get an exclusive sticker every month featuring characters from Follower and Messenger. Find out more by visiting the Chio Club website!

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Thanks so much for sticking with us despite the lengthy hiatus! Check back next week for the next page in the story!

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