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Precipice 8: The Vloxen did that.

Precipice 8: The Vloxen did that. published on No Comments on Precipice 8: The Vloxen did that.

Ah, guilting a child, what a great way to manipulate the situation.

I’ve reached Twitch Affiliate status which means that if you watch my streams, it’s a free (for you) way to help support the comic! I’m planning to do lots more comic work streams during weekday afternoons (and other more scheduled times) so if you’d like an additional way to help support Follower, please follow me on Twitch and drop in when I’m live!

Follower’s ninth (WHAT) anniversary is coming up in July! As a silly celebration, we’re holding a meme contest in the Discord. More details are available there, but basically: make and share your best Follower meme in the thread on the server. Everyone can vote, and whoever gets the most votes wins the opportunity to request a new Discord emote for the server that I will make! Join us on Discord here!

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