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[Photo: A scrap of torn newspaper floats underwater among sticks and leaves.]

Declassified Biomedical Program Can Grow New Organs

Michael C. Jones, Times Reporter

In a move that brings ethics and moral controversy into the spotlight, biomedical researchers at the Veterans University in upstate New York have announced they can grow complete, new organs for human transplant.

But many in the national and international community are outraged at such an announcement. Sen. Margaret Black (R, FL) was outraged to learn of the program. “We are playing with things God never intended us to play with.”

Funded via a DARPA grant, the lab is overseen by a joint-operation of the Department of Defence, the US Air Force and the US Army. When the researchers broke cover, Brigadier General Frank Richart, speaking from a press conference in Washington DC, confirmed the laboratory and its research.

The researchers, acting upon the guise of anonymity, came forward with the news in an effort to raise awareness

[paper is too destroyed to read]

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