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[Photo: A scrap of very damaged newspaper is caught among weeds and rocks.]

[unreadable] shooting at medical conference for Artificial Organs

[unreadable] symposium for the use and applications of the recently declassified [unreadable] organs program announced two years ago, a group of 6 gunmen stormed the conference center in Boston, killing 24 before being subdued by police and security forces.

“This was an organized, deliberate attack against,” commented Mayor Donald Scargg. “They had a specific goal: shoot to kill.”

The names of the victims and the shooters are being withheld by police until their families can be contacted.

The gunmen are believed to be part of a local religious terrorist-fringe group that are against the artificial organ program because of supposed moral and ethical implications. Former Senator Margaret Black heads one such group. “What has happened up there [in Boston] is a real tragedy against both God and humanity, though I won’t say which is which,” Black said when asked for a comment.

Despite scientists clarifying that the artificial organs are grown in individual gestation tanks in a lab, religious and ethical groups like Black’s argue that the organs are surgically removed from an entites that the organs are actually grown in, and that it is morally wrong and unacceptable for such creature to be genetically engineered, created, grown to maturity and then harvested for it’s organs.

“It’s like veal,” Margaret Black summarized when describing her groups theory and stance against the organ program. “They raise these calves in a tiny box, feed them only milk, and when they’re old enough, they kill them for their meat. It’s disgusting and morally wrong.”

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