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Velox 17: “General” will do just fine

Velox 17: “General” will do just fine published on No Comments on Velox 17: “General” will do just fine

And we’re back! I’ve kicked the pneumonia out of my lungs and am back at 100%, so updates will resume on Wednesdays once again! Thanks for your continued support. Messenger will also update later this week, too.

As a side note, if you are also a Messenger reader, or just a fan of Chios, I’ve created a new minicomic ebook called “Best Friends,” available for $3 on Gumroad about how Eldora met Icy. It’s 19 full-color pages, optimized for iPads and other tablets and so on.


Panel 1: A wide shot showing the two standing in the room. The Colonel speaks: “Sir, I only mentioned it because I wasn’t aware you made those preparations. I meant no disrespect.”

General Richart: “Relax, John. Mr. Carvan is a special acquaintance of mine. I didn’t mean any disrespect towards you or your team by his sudden accompaniment to collect this fine specimen below us. I just wanted to see how things were run by someone I trust.”

Panel 2: The creature lays unconscious, sprawled out on the gurney.

Panel 3: A close-up view of the creature’s face. The creature begins to awaken, slowly opening his eyes.

Panel 4: The two men are silhouetted in the darkness against the bright room through the window. We can see the creature starting to sit up and gather its surroundings.

Colonel: “I… see, Frank. Thank you for being direct.”

General: “‘General’ will do just fine, John. Thank you.”


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