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Precipice 7: You’re very lucky.

Precipice 7: You’re very lucky. published on No Comments on Precipice 7: You’re very lucky.

It’s a verbal showdown between the two most vocal people in this entire camp.

I’m streaming tonight on Twitch! Come join me later for some gaming shenanigans, or on Saturday this week while I’m revising Follower pages for the new website!

What’s that about a new website? Yeah, the website is going to be overhauled and updated, thanks to the support of the folks in the Chio Club! If you join the Chio Club you can help keep the comic going and help updates like this happen! You also get other rewards like early pages and special access to a members-only section of our Discord!

Speaking of the Discord, we’re working on some community event nights! Come and join in and help us shape the Follower community! It’s small for now, but we pride ourselves on being friendly and accessible to everyone, even if you just want to lurk for a while.

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