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Velox 21: FZZZZZZZT published on No Comments on Velox 21: FZZZZZZZT

Demonstration, or demolition, whichever.

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Panel 1: The hologram takes of running, carrying its weapons.

Panel 2: As the real Vloxen watches, the hologram darts off into the room: a large gymnasium with a series of combat dummies and transparent barriers in a scattered arrangement.

Panel 3: The hologram uses the sword and swipes off the head of one of the combat dummies. Lasers cut through it, doing actual damage and igniting the fabric.

Panel 4: The hologram raises its pistol and a laser blast cuts through another dummy’s head, setting it on fire.

Panel 5: A wide shot of the gymnasium, showing the hologram standing among a pile of burning wreckage, smiling pleasantly.

Panel 6: The hologram’s weapons vanish, and the Vloxen looks on, ears back in terror.

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