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Velox 22: Your thoughts, colonel?

Velox 22: Your thoughts, colonel? published on No Comments on Velox 22: Your thoughts, colonel?

Scoldings from the boss all around.

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Panel 1: The female scientist continues to object. She says, “This is-”

Panel 2: Facing the window, General Richart replies. “This is what, Doctor?”

Panel 3: A close up of his face, contorted into a furious snarl. He says, “Because I’d call this a complete failure of a combat test if I ever saw one. Would you like to share your thoughts on why this didn’t work?”

Panel 4: General Richart and Colonel Harren are up close, looking through the glass. The Doctor is at the back of the room behind them.

The doctor replies. “No, sir.”

General Richart says, “Your thoughts, Colonel?”

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