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Nominate Follower for Best Graphic Story!

Nominate Follower for Best Graphic Story! published on No Comments on Nominate Follower for Best Graphic Story!

Nominations are open for the next ten days for the Ursa Major Awards. Follower is eligible for nomination in the Best Graphic Story category. If you’ve read and enjoyed Follower in the past year, please consider submitting our comic for nomination! 2021 was awful for a lot of people, but it was truly the worst year of both our lives. We took that fury and pain and channeled it into what I believe is the best chapter of the comic to date, and it will only get better from here. Anyone can register to nominate media, and choose up to five nominees per category. You can help our chances at a nomination by sharing Follower and the nomination link with your friends! You can even point them to the New Readers page to help them see if they’re into the story.

It would be an honor just to be nominated after pouring our hearts and souls into this comic during this awful year. Thank you for your consideration! Nominations will close on 12 February 2022. 

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