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Comic Chameleon for Android!

Comic Chameleon for Android! published on No Comments on Comic Chameleon for Android!

Hey readers! Just a quick update to let you know that as of today, Comic Chameleon is now available for Android devices! This is an app we publish with that gives you one of the best comic reading experiences on a mobile device. It’s been available for iOS for a while, but now just about everyone can use it! And best of all, it’s free! Hooray!

Check out their site for more information! (Even though it only says iPhone…)
Read this comic on Comic Chameleon

Patreon First Milestone Reward – for everyone!

Patreon First Milestone Reward – for everyone! published on No Comments on Patreon First Milestone Reward – for everyone!

The Messenger & Follower Patreon is doing stupendously well so far! In a little over a month, we’ve managed to break through three milestone goals, which will enable me to do more with the comics! As a reward for accomplishing the first goal, I’ve created a brand new Chio-themed wallpaper that’s available for everyone, not just patrons! Thanks so much to everyone who’s supported us, whether it’s by supporting our Patreon, sharing a link to our comics with friends, or simply reading the comic each week. It really means a lot. Please feel free to download this wallpaper, and enjoy some desktop Chios!

If you want to help support Messenger and Follower, but are unable to back our Patreon campaign, that’s ok! There are still some other ways you can help support the comics for free:

  • Click the little “Follow” button on the top of our Patreon page to follow our updates. Apparently this also helps our rankings on Patreon and boosts our posts and updates a little higher in the list, so people are more likely to see them!
  • Retweet our comic updates and links on Twitter! (Or reblog our updates on Tumblr!)
  • Read Follower using Comic Chameleon, a free iOS app!
  • Or just share the comic with your friends!

As always, we appreciate your continued readership, and look forward to creating more new stuff for you to enjoy. Thank you!

Follower is now on Comic Chameleon!

Follower is now on Comic Chameleon! published on No Comments on Follower is now on Comic Chameleon!

Hey there, readers! Been a while since we’ve made a news post, but here’s one I’ve been sitting on for a few weeks.

Today we’re very proud to announce that Follower is now available to read on Comic Chameleon, a free iOS app designed to deliver a super slick comics-reading experience! While we have a mobile-friendly version of our site for phones and small screens, Comic Chameleon is even more tailored, allowing you to read panel-by-panel rather than having to pinch and zoom in on pages. I personally scan through each new page and block out how you’ll view each panel in the app. It’s really neat, I promise!

Reading Follower on Comic Chameleon also helps to support Follower, so if you have an iOS device, please check it out! There is also an Android version coming in the future, so don’t worry if you’re not an iOS user – you’ll be able to join the fun eventually!

Thanks for your continued readership and support, and don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for this week’s page!

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