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Upcoming stream schedule

Upcoming stream schedule published on No Comments on Upcoming stream schedule

I’m planning to do some streaming this upcoming week, on Tuesday and Thursday! Art streams will happen at, and Patron streams showing upcoming Follower pages in progress will be through a private link sent to all subscribed patrons. Hope to see you there!

Art stream! September 10, 2020

Art stream! September 10, 2020 published on No Comments on Art stream! September 10, 2020

Hey there! I’m planning to stream tomorrow – September 10, 2020 – starting at 1 PM eastern for patrons only, and then switching over to a public Twitch stream around 2 PM for everyone.

The first half of the stream will be work on new Follower pages, and will be a private link posted for patrons of all pledge levels around 1 PM.

The second half of the stream will start about an hour later and switch over to Twitch where everyone can watch. I’ll be working on other artwork for that half. Follow me on Twitch for updates!

More information can be found here on my Patreon page!

Hope to see you there.

January 2020 Wallpaper

January 2020 Wallpaper published on No Comments on January 2020 Wallpaper

This month’s wallpaper is up for all $2+ Patreon supporters! This year’s wallpaper images will focus on characters that don’t usually get the main focus, starting with Kate from Messenger. Main characters will make appearances, of course, but there’s going to be a lot more variety!

Drawing live now! Click to view!