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Back on Track! Pokemon Go Book!

Back on Track! Pokemon Go Book! published on 1 Comment on Back on Track! Pokemon Go Book!

Hey there! Break’s over and it’s back to regular Follower updates. Thank you for your patience! The comic will continue to update as usual from here on.

Stardust + Candy Pre Orders Now Open

One of the projects I was finishing up during my Follower break was a short comic for a Pokemon Go-inspired fan book called Stardust + Candy! The full-color book will include works from approximately 30 awesome artists, and profits will benefit PetSmart Charities to help support animal rescue and adoption!

Pre-Orders will be open from August 3 to August 17, and the book is $15 (with free US shipping!)

If you love Pokemon Go, I hope you’ll check it out! The previews look absolutely great so far, and I’m proud to be part of this project!