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Off-week updates for June 30!

Off-week updates for June 30! published on No Comments on Off-week updates for June 30!

Hey there! It’s another off-week update. Follower’s next update will be on July 7. Until then, here’s what’s up!

Items in my Society6 shop are currently on sale. This includes all kinds of stuff including shirts, stickers, mugs, phone cases, bags, and a lot more.

I’ve been doing some behind-the-scenes work on Follower-related stuff, and more and more it seems like time to make some upgrades to the website. You may have noticed that since chapter 7 started, I’ve been uploading pages at a much larger size and higher quality. I’d love to be able to make the time to go back and do the same for older pages, but it’s a time consuming process that will take at least a few hours over a month or so to complete. 

In order to make this possible, I’ve set a Patreon goal of $100 to essentially buy my time away from other tasks so I can focus on making changes and updates to the site. We’re already past 25% of the way to that goal, so if you’d like to read the comic at higher quality, please consider pledging! There are a bunch of different rewards, but the best one in my opinion is early access to new pages and works in progress. That way you can see what’s coming up in the story before anyone else!

If you’d like to help out, please check out our Patreon! 

That’s all I’ve got for this week. Thanks for reading, and come back on the 7th for the next update!

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