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Updates on Updates (and complications)

Updates on Updates (and complications) published on No Comments on Updates on Updates (and complications)
Hey there Chio Crew! I thought it would be good to post an update on what’s going on with the comic lately! I had intended to resume regular updates this month, and I’ve been working on it as I can, but I’ve been dealing with some problems with my hands which can make it really hard to draw and generally make fine, pinching type motions with my dominant hand, like the kind you need to…draw. This has been an ongoing problem for me for a number of years, but I’ve basically ignored it all this time or taken things slowly, but it’s finally reached a point where it’s affecting a lot more in my life than just making comics. The good news is: I’m currently working on seeing how best to resolve this problem with a variety of specialists! (oh wow fun, medical testing) The bad news is: I don’t have a solution yet, but I will get there. In the meantime, this sort of complicates getting comics done on a schedule since I kind of have to gauge my ability to draw day by day, and I’ve had quite a few “can’t do this at all today” kind of days recently. I’m not sure of the best way to address this situation, other than just make pages as I can do so, and get them out as I can. So, there will likely (continue to) be some delays in updates. I’m doing the best I can to keep up. That said: if you have (or would like to make) any kind of guest art (or writing, or anything, really), I would gladly accept it and post it on the site here with your relevant links and so on! I am still continuing to work on book updates, and posting for the Chio Club as I can. Thanks for your continued support and patience with everything that’s been going on lately. I’d cross my fingers for good luck in solving this, but uh, that’s part of the problem. Maybe I should just start finger painting new pages.

An assortment of updates

An assortment of updates published on No Comments on An assortment of updates

Hey hey, it’s been a minute! Here are a few updates that may be of interest to Follower-reading folks!

I’ve been in physical therapy for my hand and joint issues and it’s going well. I’m slowly building up my strength and at my latest appointment the results were measurably improved. I may still be slow putting out new updates for a while as I work on rebuilding my hand strength, but rest assured that I haven’t given up on comics!

I’ve started my return to streaming, mostly as a way to hold me accountable to making pages, but also because it’s fun. I keep my schedule up to date on my Twitch page ( but I also try to post it everywhere else. Right now I’m aiming for once a week, but as I improve I’ll likely be working more days in where I can.

Related: I have been uploading a backlog of both art and game streams to our Youtube page, so if you’ve missed out on past streams or just want to listen to me ramble for hours on end, I’ve got your back with a bunch of playlists: check out our Youtube channel here! Give us a follow to keep up on whatever new thing we’re working on at the moment.

I don’t have a solid date for a return to Follower updates yet, but I am doing my best to work on it while also not injuring my hand. Chio Club folks have gotten a few peeks at what I’m up to, but I’m working on increasing that output a little bit as I’m able to.

As usual, thanks for your patience, support, and continued readership! This story is far from over, I just have to get my hands working properly again and then I’ll be unstoppable. This could get dangerous.

Year-in-Review, Other Updates

Year-in-Review, Other Updates published on No Comments on Year-in-Review, Other Updates

Hey folks! It’s been a while since I’ve done a proper update here, and there are a few things worth sharing:

  • I posted our 2022 Year in Review on Check out everything that happened this year. It’s a long one!
  • Technically part of the post above, but to tl;dr it: I’m combining the email newsletter and our monthly update posts, which have so far been private for Chio Club members, as both a public monthly blog post on and the newsletter. Other Chio Club content will remain paid, but there was so much duplication between these that it made sense to open it up to everyone. If you’re a newsletter subscriber, you’ll still get it, but you can also just follow us on and get it as well, if you’re an RSS person or something.
  • In a related move, we’re also going to start better using as the hub for all of our news and original work, rather than posting direct to social media sites. It’ll originate there, and then get posted other places. Most people won’t notice much of a difference, but it’s all the more reason to bookmark our main site!
  • I also made a new page featuring links to where you can find us and our work on most major social sites, since things are a little bit…uncertain, lately: Radio Chio Quick Links
  • Follower updates: I’m slowly working my way through a buffer, trying to get a few pages completed before I start posting regularly again. I’ve been posting pages in progress to the Chio Club first. My hand injury seems to be improving, but I’m hesitant to push it too much. I’ve got some specialist appointments lined up for the very end of the year, so hopefully I’ll start to have more real solutions and I can get back to drawing pages normally again.

Thank you so much for all your support this year, whether you’re a Chio Club member or just a regular Follower reader. It means the world to both Delade and I, and we’re really excited for what will hopefully be a better 2023! See you there! Creator Day Sale! Creator Day Sale! published on No Comments on Creator Day Sale! is once again having Creator Day, which means that this Friday, November 25, we get to keep 100% of the profits we make! To make the deal even sweeter, all of our comics will be 50% off, or available as a discounted bundle.

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