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Found 23: A Vloxen.

Found 23: A Vloxen. published on No Comments on Found 23: A Vloxen.

Vote for next week’s Sketch Wednesday art subject! Sketch Wednesday is a new thing I’ve started doing to fill the gaps during “off” update weeks. Pick which character you’d like to see in the next edition!

There have been some very small changes to our goals for the Chio Club. See what we’re planning, and see how you can help us get there!

Give Follower a boost in the TWC rankings and get a peek at the next update!

Thinking about picking up some of the Follower digital issues? They’re on sale all through this month on and Gumroad! Get all the sale details in this blog post.

Chio Club Update: New Goals!

Chio Club Update: New Goals! published on No Comments on Chio Club Update: New Goals!

Hey there! This is a post for everyone to talk about what we’re hoping to achieve with some new Chio Club goals. If you enjoy Follower, please take a peek at this post to see some of what we’ve got in store! If you don’t know what the Chio Club is, you can find out more about it on this page.

What we want to do

Basically: we want to improve the websites that Messenger and Follower live on. They’ve been the same for quite a few years, and could use some upgrades both visually and functionally. In addition to this, most of the earlier chapters’ pages were posted at a lower resolution and smaller size. We want to modernize the sites, and add bigger, clearer, higher-resolution pages for your reading enjoyment.

Just an example of how much bigger we’ll be able to make the new pages with these changes! The rest of the site will get a facelift, too.

So what’s the goal change?

The change is, that in addition to our previous goal of just updating the websites, it seems feasible to do some other small art tweaks to the comic pages while we’re in the process of re-exporting them at a bigger, better size. Most of these changes will include re-lettering, so that everything is cohesive through the whole comic. Some artwork might get tweaked a little to make it look nicer, especially on old pages. Small adjustments here and there throughout.


Well, why not? Time-wise, it seems reasonable to accomplish all of these things together, and it also puts us just a little closer to another long-term goal of ours: collecting Follower into a Volume 1 book, complete with side stories and other extras.

How do we get there?

I’ve set the bar at $100/month in total Chio Club pledges to be able to start this project, and we’re already about a third of the way there. You can follow the progress of this goal at the top of the Follower site, on the Chio Club page, our Patreon page, or our Ko-Fi page. (Gumroad doesn’t have a way to display this easily.)

All you have to do is pledge an amount of your choosing via one of the Chio Club sites – Patreon, Ko-Fi, or Gumroad. In return, you’ll get advance access to new comic pages, works in progress as they’re made, and depending on your pledge level, things like comic PDFs and other rewards.

It’s really high time to bring the Messenger and Follower sites into the current century, and make everything a little more accessible and readable. You can make it happen just by joining the Chio Club!

Sketch Wednesday! Calway and Dia

Sketch Wednesday! Calway and Dia published on No Comments on Sketch Wednesday! Calway and Dia

Since Follower will be sticking to a bi-weekly schedule for at least a little bit longer, I’ve decided to start posting art on the “off” Wednesdays.

Want to help pick the subject for the next Sketch Wednesday? Vote in the poll!

Want to read more of what’s to come in Follower earlier than anyone else? Check out our support page to see how you can!

Who should be the next Sketch Wednesday subject?

Who should be the next Sketch Wednesday subject? published on No Comments on Who should be the next Sketch Wednesday subject?

Time to pick a new character for the next Sketch Wednesday! This is something I’m starting to do on the “off” weeks between updates until I’m able to get back to a weekly schedule. Cast your vote!

Drawing live now! Click to view!