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February News & Updates

February News & Updates published on No Comments on February News & Updates

Hey readers! I’m making some changes to the comic update schedule, and to our Patreon. 

As I’ve written about in the past, I deal with wrist pain problems from time to time but they’ve definitely flared up more than normal lately. This has been a problem for making comics, since I need my wrists for the entire process.

In order to (hopefully) give myself more of a resting break, I’m moving to a looser update schedule. Instead of trying to keep up with weekly pages, I’m going to release multiple pages every few months. This way I won’t always be working on next week’s page, and can spread the work out more, with better breaks between.

This also means a few changes to the Patreon. I’m going to be cutting down the number and type of pledge tiers and moving to more of a tip jar format. $2+ pledges will get access to the wallpaper archive, but moving forward the majority of patron-only posts will be pages in progress and behind the scenes material. 

All of these changes will take place starting in March, so if you’re a current patron and want to change your pledge, you’ve got a bit of time to do so. 

The best way to receive updates from here out will be through Patreon, Twitter, or by signing up for our email list and getting them delivered straight to you. 

I’ve had to think long and hard about doing this, but I really think it will be the greatest benefit to the comic (and me) in the long run. 

Thanks for your support and readership over all these years. I’m not done yet, so stay tuned! 

January 2020 Wallpaper

January 2020 Wallpaper published on No Comments on January 2020 Wallpaper

This month’s wallpaper is up for all $2+ Patreon supporters! This year’s wallpaper images will focus on characters that don’t usually get the main focus, starting with Kate from Messenger. Main characters will make appearances, of course, but there’s going to be a lot more variety!

End-of-the-year Update

End-of-the-year Update published on No Comments on End-of-the-year Update

Hey there! I can’t believe it’s already the end of the year, can you? 

This is an update post mostly to let you know that after a lot of thought, I’ve decided to take December off from public updates. I’ll still be updating on Patreon, but I need a bit of time to rebuild a buffer so we can start 2020 right! Delade and I also need time to finalize the script for the next chapter of Follower, since the end is coming up faster than seems possible. 

You can follow us on Patreon, Twitter, or join our email list for schedule updates! Right now I’m planning on starting updates again January 8th.

Thanks again for another year of readership, and we’re looking forward to 2020!