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Chio Club Stickers Are Here!

Chio Club Stickers Are Here! published on No Comments on Chio Club Stickers Are Here!

The Sticker Club stickers have arrived! They’re nice sturdy matte vinyl, so you can stick ’em on basically anything. Get yours (along with extra rewards like early comic pages!) when you join the Chio Club Sticker tier!

The Chio Club Sticker Tier is $12/month (including shipping!) and you’ll get an exclusive unique sticker each month you’re subscribed! You’ll also get other rewards like behind the scenes stuff and early pages! 

You can join via Patreon or Ko-Fi at

This is an experiement still, so if nobody joins, the Sticker Club just won’t continue since it won’t be viable to keep going. The Chio Club directly keeps Follower (and my other comics) going by paying for webhosting, software updates & subscriptions, domain renewals, and more.

I’m really hoping at least a couple of folks join in so I can keep this going! If not, these are going into the proverbial vault until I figure out what else to do with them.

Unexpected mini break week! Next page March 9!

Unexpected mini break week! Next page March 9! published on No Comments on Unexpected mini break week! Next page March 9!

Hey! This is just a quick update to let you know that Follower will not update as usual this week, but will update next week on March 9 instead. I had a small family emergency to deal with last night, and it looks like I will be doing some running around in the next few days as well. I did get some work done on the new page, and will be working over the course of the week, but I need a break, too.

When it’s done or close to done, it’ll go up early for Chio Club members. Join us on Ko-Fi or Patreon to get early pages!

Thanks for reading, and see you back here next week for the next page!

Ask a Chio Returns (in a limited way!)

Ask a Chio Returns (in a limited way!) published on 5 Comments on Ask a Chio Returns (in a limited way!)

This post was updated on 1/25 to clarify the dates this offer is available.

Ask A Chio Returns!

This week’s update ends Follower Chapter Seven! Thank you for reading all this way with us! Before we start Chapter Eight, we’ll be taking a short two-week break to make sure everything is ready for the next chapter. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be anything here to see!

Before we begin the new chapter, we wanted to try something different… To fill in the gap between chapters, we’re offering a limited round of Ask a Chio Q&A spots! Whether you’re supporting us via Patreon, Ko-Fi, or Gumroad, all Chio Club members who are pledging $5 or more as of January 23 through February 5 will be eligible to Ask a Chio anything, and get a guaranteed answer! This offer ends on February 5!

What’s Ask a Chio? It used to be an ask blog I ran on Tumblr for a couple of years, before it became challenging to balance with regular comic work. But I think it would be fun to try and bring it back on a limited basis. I’ve slowly been adding Ask a Chio answers to for fun, and it would be great to have some new answers to add to the classic ones. 

What can you ask a Chio? Nearly anything, so long as it’s SFW. Just bear in mind that Chios’ knowledge of the world is limited to certain areas, so you might get interesting answers… You can direct a question to a particular Chio, or you can just ask a general question and see who shows up to answer it. 

Again, thank you for continuing to read and support our comic! Hopefully we’ll see what kinds of things the Chios get asked!

Check out the old Ask a Chio blog here 

Check out Ask a Chio on 

Still feeling hype for Chapter 8? So are we! Check out this post to see how you can create a character to cameo in the next chapter. Follower will resume on February 9! See you then!

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