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Precipice 2: Wake up!

Precipice 2: Wake up! published on No Comments on Precipice 2: Wake up!

Sorry for the slightly late update! I’ve been dealing with a very minor hand injury that is just enough to really slow me down working on pages. I’ve had to take a lot of breaks while working on this, but it’s finally done. My hand seems to be on the tail end of recovering, so hopefully I’ll be able to work at normal speed again soon.

Meanwhile, be sure to check out the Create a Chio project! This will close in the near future, so if you’ve ever wanted to a) help the comic and b) be part of it, now’s your chance!

I’ve added Follower to Tapas, so if you read comics there, I’d be super grateful if you gave us a subscribe! If we can get enough readers there, it can be a form of financial income to help Follower keep going. Right now we’re aiming for 25 subscribers!

Thanks for reading!

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