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Precipice 6: Did they come for Dia?

Precipice 6: Did they come for Dia? published on No Comments on Precipice 6: Did they come for Dia?

Well, did they? Leah asks the real questions.

I’ve been streaming art (and sometimes games) to try and get to Twitch Affiliate! If you watch streams on Twitch, I’d love it if you came to hang out while I work on comics! It would really help me out as an additional income stream to help keep the comic going. Find me on Twitch as radiochio! This week I am streaming again on Wednesday and Friday, check my Twitch page to see the dates and times in your local time.

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There will be no new Follower page next week, but thereĀ will be a Chios’ Guide to Surviving the Impending Apocalypse update!

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