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New Patrons-only Content! The end of Chapter Two!

New Patrons-only Content! The end of Chapter Two! published on No Comments on New Patrons-only Content! The end of Chapter Two!

Chapter 2 Ending

Have you been waiting for the conclusion of chapter two? So have we! The last two pages of chapter two are now available to patrons at all pledge levels on Patreon! If you pledge as little as $1 today, you can get tomorrow’s page early and next week’s finale all at once! Supporting us through Patreon is a great way to help us get the word out about Follower and enable us to keep producing better and better comics, and all patrons get rewards for helping us out! If you enjoy reading Follower, please consider pledging today!

The upcoming end of chapter two also means that PDF versions of the books will be available soon (most likely this week) and print copies a bit after that! Our shop will update with new stock after UBCon on April 17-19. If you’ll be in the Buffalo area that weekend, please drop in and say hello! We’ll be in the Artist’s Alley.

Call for guest art!

Call for guest art! published on No Comments on Call for guest art!

As you may or may not know, the end of chapter two is rapidly approaching! There are four pages left. In between the end of two and the start of three, I’m planning to take a two-week break so I can get ahead on pages. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be comics! I am planning to do a two-part mini strip to fill the time, and also planning to feature guest art of all sorts! We already have one fantastic piece of fan art in the lineup, but we’re always looking for more!

The only requirement is that it must include at least one character from Follower (or Messenger, if you’re so inclined!) and that’s it, really. We’ll include a link to your comic/site/tumblr/whatever. If you are interested, please submit to

Positive Reviews & Other News!

Positive Reviews & Other News! published on No Comments on Positive Reviews & Other News!

For the first time in forever and a half, there’s a new vote incentive image! Give Follower a vote and check it out.

Follower was featured this week on Prettycoolwebcomics, a tumblog that does quick features and reviews on. Well. Pretty cool webcomics! We were thrilled to hear such positive words about our work, and we hope you’ll check out PCW and give them a follow/reblog. Here’s a quote:

A pitfall of a lot of prequel works is that they focus on the “how we got here” without actually trying to tell a story on its own; it’s one of the big reasons why those Star Wars prequels were such a big mess. But while I haven’t had the chance to read Messenger yet, Follower appears to be a solid tale in its own merits, and even if the story might have a foregone conclusion there’s an entirely new cast to help the reader see a full story and character arcs in their own right.

Please check out the rest of the post over here on Prettycoolwebcomics!

This week, we also created a new page for brand-new readers, called (unremarkably) New Readers. There are some cute illustrations to walk you through the basics of the story, and it might be an ideal link to send to friends you want to share the comic with! (Hint, hint.) 

Patreon reward: Dia diiiiive!

There were also several updates for Patreon subscribers this week! For ALL patrons, the February sketchbook PDF is now up for download! This month’s sketchbook is all about what survived on the wasteland, and what life is like there. It was a fun opportunity to try out some new painting techniques, and I’m excited to share it with you.

For $2+ patrons, the new wallpaper image is available – you can see a small snippet above! It features Dia performing a DIA DIIIIIIIIIIVE~

Lastly, one of the things Delade and I are plotting/planning/theorizing is the possibility of a mini podcast type recording, after the end of Chapter 2, which is coming up faster than either of us can believe! We were hoping to take questions about the story, how we make the comic, or pretty much anything you feel like listening to us talk at length about. It’s still just an idea, but if you have any questions or suggestions for what you’d like to hear, give a reply!

Don’t forget, we’ll be appearing this weekend at FubukiCon in Amherst, NY at Daemen College. If you’re in the area, please stop by and say hello! We will have books, buttons, sketches, and other stuff.

Thank you for reading and for your continued support! See you next week for the latest!