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Chio Club Stickers Are Here!

Chio Club Stickers Are Here! published on No Comments on Chio Club Stickers Are Here!

The Sticker Club stickers have arrived! They’re nice sturdy matte vinyl, so you can stick ’em on basically anything. Get yours (along with extra rewards like early comic pages!) when you join the Chio Club Sticker tier!

The Chio Club Sticker Tier is $12/month (including shipping!) and you’ll get an exclusive unique sticker each month you’re subscribed! You’ll also get other rewards like behind the scenes stuff and early pages! 

You can join via Patreon or Ko-Fi at

This is an experiement still, so if nobody joins, the Sticker Club just won’t continue since it won’t be viable to keep going. The Chio Club directly keeps Follower (and my other comics) going by paying for webhosting, software updates & subscriptions, domain renewals, and more.

I’m really hoping at least a couple of folks join in so I can keep this going! If not, these are going into the proverbial vault until I figure out what else to do with them.

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